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Agriculture companies in the Lendahand portfolio provide agricultural products and services to or purchase agricultural products from smallholder farmers.




With their activities, agriculture companies either provide more smallholder farmers with access to agricultural products and services, allowing them to increase their yields, or provide smallholder farmers the opportunity to sell more crops. Currently, Lendahand is looking to expand its agricultural portfolio to further stimulate local agricultural sectors, which ultimately contribute to fighting the hunger problem worldwide.

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Impact highlights

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Company Profile

iProcure in Kenya

iProcure, the largest agricultural supply chain platform in rural Kenya, uses its technology to track the sales and demand for agricultural inputs by farmers. It then uses the data to source cheaper and higher quality products and distributes them to meet farmers’ demands.


Agrovet Jacob from Sagana in Kenya has been getting his supplies from iProcure for the past 5 years. He loves that iProcure provides a diverse range of farm inputs, helping him avoid the hassle of sourcing from many different suppliers. "They are one of our main suppliers," says Jacob. "iProcure has various products, from injectables for livestock and fertilisers for farming to mineral supplements." 

Expansion for iProcure means that more farmers can access quality and affordable farm inputs, translating to food security for the rural population. It also means more jobs created and, ultimately, improved quality of life for the larger community.

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